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i am so0o0o0o updating in this rad community. but i don't know quite what to say...
it's pretty empty.

so not cool

we should get more members. then it would be cool...

whats the point of this community? are we really supposed to be about the breakfast club? cause that was an awesome movie. maybe i feel like watching that? hmm...i don't know.

i'm hungry now. this sucks. i'm bored as hell. why am i up at 5*30 in the mornig again? i don't know. cause have issues. that's why...

now i'm rambling. hope that occupied some bored person. that's all.

peace. B)
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    best of you-foo fighters.

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if anyone at all read this....comment to leave a suggest about wtf this community should be about

as long as its not actaully about "the breakfast club" or anyone involved in that.

yeah so just....start thinking

or w/e

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Yo this is the new club i made. its pretty boss. i know cause im awesome like that. well josh joined today so thats cool and if you want to join just tell us alittle about yourself and MAYBE you'll get in. so comment and tell us alittle about yourself.